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    banned since (1983) strong uncut version! the greatest martial arts movie ever made! he whips out his sword and relieves his victims of their heads!! the blood gushes out all over the screen - as if being hosed into the camera! its impossible to keep a body count! astonishingly violent - lone wolf and cub tells the story of lone wolf a powerful and feared -masterless- samurai who lives a peaceful existence with his wife and his son. when he refuses to swear allegiance to kurando the most vicious shogun in japanese history kurando orders the death of lone wolfs wife azame. blinded by rage lone wolf vows to avenge her death taking his son tizuro with him on the path to darkness and retribution. soon lone wolfs sword of vengeance is unleashed upon the evil shoguns sons the legendary -masters of death- and finally the shogun himself
    watch out for junior as he releases the blades from the wheels of his rickety wooden pram!!

  • Comments by the Master: This is a new Version that is remastered. This is a great classic. Shogun Assassin One of the best series of all times.

  • Productcode: 14300

  • Actors: TOMISABURO WAKAYAMA AS LONE WOLF; Tomisaburo Wakayama, Yuko Hamada, Go Kato, Shintaro Katsu

  • Directed by: Robert Houston

  • Run Time: 90 MIN

  • Language: ENGLISH DUBBED


  • Screen Format: Widescreen

  • Category: MOVIE

  • SubCategories: SAMURAI

  • Format: DVD

  • Region: 1

  • Year released: 1980