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Magnificent Trio (DVD)

Magnificent Trio (DVD)

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  • Magnificent Trio (DVD)

    in one of the most exciting swordplay martial arts classics from the legendary shaw brothers three peasant men with umparalleled fighting skills are forced by ruthless businessmen to kidnap the town leaders daughter. when an innocent visitor becomes involved in their quest, they must face a formidiable force of assassins and risk all their lives to save their people! featuring a dazling cast of martial arts favoritesincluding lo lieh; wang yu; and cheng lei; this nonstop action classic in the tradition of the magnificent seven finally comes to home video restored; remastered and more thrilling than ever!

  • Productcode: 38000

  • Actors: Jimmy Wang Yu; Lo Lieh; Chin Ping

  • Directed by: Chang Cheh

  • Run Time: 102 mins

  • Language: Mandarin

  • Subtitles: English and Chinese

  • Screen Format: Fullscreen

  • Category: MOVIE

  • SubCategories: CLASSIC_KUNG_FU | SWORDPLAY | Chinese Movies

  • Format: DVD

  • Region: all