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    (aka the thirty sixth chamber) the anti ching pariots under the guidance of ho kuanghan have secretly set up their base in canton under the cover of being school masters. during a brutal manchu attack many of the students are killed. lui the master killer escapes and devotes himself to the rigorous training that will assure his revenge. master killer is one of the most impressive martial arts films since bruce lees death starring liu chia hui the reluctant revolutionary who became the famous real-life shaolin monk san-te. an amazing movie made fascinating and involving as one of the few films that follows the martial arts training process from beginning to end. this has been remastered for dvd. widescreen only

  • Comments by the Master: Master Killer changed my life. This was the best shaolin kung fu movie along with the best shaolin training methods of all time. Every kung fu movie collector should have this movie in their collection. In fact if you do not have this movie in your collection you are not a kung fu movie collector. Gordon Liu is the man. I remember watching as a kid and would go and practice the moves myself. The Master

  • Productcode: 11488

  • Actors: Gordon Liu - Wang Yu - Lo Lieh

  • Directed by: Liu Chia Liang

  • Run Time: 90 MIN

  • Language: ENGLISH DUBBED

  • Screen Format: Widescreen

  • Category: MOVIE

  • SubCategories: CLASSIC_KUNG_FU

  • Format: DVD

  • Region: all

  • Year released: 1974